Poetic Collection “Leaves…” – Poems of Abel-Tasos Gkiouzelis

Poetic Collection “Leaves…”

Poems of Abel-Tasos Gkiouzelis


Email: gkiouz.abel@gmail.com


[Last poem June 3, 2020]

* * *

-Gardens by the riverside-

Poems for the birds…
for the forests…
for the painters…

for the poetry…
for the rivers…
and the leaves of the trees…

for the tears…
for the puppets…
for the pentagram…

Poems “like some in the riverside” (Numbers 24:6)


-Face to face-

With the prayer
you paint the emotion…
you paint the joy…

to persons…
to souls…

Christ’s love is 
united with our heart…

His Face is united
with our face

in a love
Face to face…


-Birds flying high-​

The water flows with the music of love
the water meets the lake of memories
from the lost Paradise.

The words of your heart
never lose the echo of the voice of God
who seeks to touch the painful syllables,
which became notes.

You stick your head out of the balcony
and you look at the sky

to see the birds flying high
like your prayers
to God.


-Grand Guignol-

When you are in
the desert and
the closest railway station
is so far away …
When night falls
and darkness of your heart
with every grand guignol
grope you…
When you feel caged
in a deep cave
with steep ravine
into the depths of your heart,
into the depths of the earth …
Then God loving
with rope hanging in the void
And every grand guignol
converts in a
beautiful Grand Canyon …!



When hippies met Orthodoxy,
Heaven blossomed…

Flores de Cielo…

When hippies met Orthodoxy,
Heaven got full of flowers…

El Cielo se llena de flores…!


-Painting leaves on the sand-​

You were standing in the sand of the beach
and you were drawing leaves
forming the word “thank you”

For every difficult moment
in which God had “hold you in His hands” (Deuteronomy 1:31)

For every difficult moment
that you could not see the God next to you
because you were in His hug…!


Rejoicings to Saint Kiara (St Ciara / Cera) of Ireland (January 5, +679) and to Saint Meletios of Mount Cithaeron in Inoi, Greece (September 1, +1105)

Rejoice, Kiara of Kilkeary, Ireland;
Rejoice, Meletios the son of Cithaeron Mountain, the son of Inoi;

Rejoice Kiara, that you give to the souls of Protestants
a white flower of Orthodoxy;

Rejoice, that you are a beautiful colour
in the painting of the Saints of Paradise;

Recoice Meletios, that you guide with your love
the Protestants far away from the false “truth”;

Rejoice Meletios, that you guide with your love
the Protestants to the real Truth of Orthodoxy;

Rejoice, Kiara, sweet sonata, with beautiful notes of virtues;
Rejoice, Meletios tasty love of Paradise.

Rejoice, Saints Kiara and Meletios!


Rejoicings to the Holy Virgin Mary
with references to Saint Nina Kuznetsova
New Martyr in the concentration camp in Arkhangelsk Russia,
from Lalsk, Russia (May 1 and May 14, +1938)

Rejoice, Mary full of Grace
Rejoice, Mother of God, heartily beneficence

Rejoice, Holy Virgin Mother of God
Rejoice, love without depth of Saint Martyr Nina Kuznetsova

Rejoice, painted by angels radiation
Rejoice, Divine Grace in the soul of Orthodox martyrs of the Church

Rejoice, melodic viola of the frozen waters of our soul
Rejoice, beautiful boldness to the Lord and our God

Rejoice, Mother of God, mirror of God’s Love
Rejoice, Mother of God, comforted loveable

Rejoice, Paradise landscape with roses
Rejoice, harmony of virtues

Rejoice, Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Full of Grace!

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